Thursday, March 5, 2009

She's some kind of wonderful......

Callie's Benefit Concert was such a great time! It was so nice to get together with everyone & have fun (instead of gathering at the hospital).
My nephew Collin Freestone, a group called The Alston's & another Just Us all performed. There was a wide range of music, including (but not limited to) classic rock, country & reggae. The whole night was great entertainment.
Collin sang She's Some Kind of Wonderful (and many others, including some originals), which I felt was so fitting. I'm sure that I can find plenty of witnesses that Cal is "some kind of wonderful". I wanted to scoop her up & take her up on the stage during the song!
The whole thing was set up by my Uncle Rick Dalton & cousin Erika Dalton! We're so grateful to EVERYONE who made it happen! Thank you very much!!! Callie had an absolute blast! Another we must mention is Shanna (a faithful blog watcher) from Utah. She made the adorable dress Callie was wearing just for the occasion! She makes & sells these for a business & can be found at .
Callie absolutely loved the dress & at the end of the night, didn't want us to take it off of her! Thank you sooooo much Shanna!!! She really felt special, somehow she seemed to figure out that it was all about her! She seemed to respond to all the performers as if on queue & could be seen snapping her fingers, dancing & clapping throughout the whole evening.
The event was attended by many friends & family, including one of our favorites from PCH (another faithful blog watcher), and was enjoyed by young & old! Thank you all for your attendance! We love & appreciate you all.
Callie loved dancing & partying with everyone, they even played the Cha Cha Slide (which Callie loves) & lots of people danced with her between groups.
When it was all over, she was tired out, but still wouldn't give it up for over an hour more!
May each of you be blessed as you have all blessed us!
All our Love
The Butler Family

Monday, March 2, 2009

{Callie's Benefit Concert}

The Alstons kicked off the night. Callie loved them as you can see.
They were beautiful and their voices were amazing.

Callie in her special frock made special for the concert by
Fairy Wonderful
(Thank you so much it was beautiful!)

Just doing her thing out front for the audience.

Callie's cousin, Collin. He did awesome.
He is incredibly gifted.

The Alstons.
Hope to hear more from them soon.
Real soon.

This band was Reggae.
SO much fun!

Callie's Mom and Dad.

Callie had a special intermission to shake it for us all.

A few shots of Callie's fans...

The youngest guest of the evening. Callie's littlest nephew, Aiden boy.

Cousin Kimberly, Yours-Truly {Sister Ashley} and Cousin Erika who did SO SO much to pull tonight together. Thank you!!!

The concert was so much fun. It was awesome to see all the people who care so much about our sweet Callie. Thank you to everyone who made it all possible!

Hugs and Kisses,

Callie and Family