Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome Cub Scout Pack 829

News flash! I am so excited to announce that Cub Scout Pack 829 is officially on board in the Kisses for Callie movement!!! They will be lending all of their hands to help make Callie's yard sale even bigger and better than originally thought! In addition to the yard sale, they will be adding a bake sale, can you say yum?!? Please keep those donations coming in, and thanks again Cubs! You're GRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!!!!!

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Jill * Zane said...

Ok, so I'm really bad as I haven't posted on my blog about this. But in my defense, my blog is private and I only have a few select readers, half of which read your blog and/or Jolyn's so they already know about it. : ) I'll call you tomorrow to see when I can bring by some stuff this week. Maybe the kids could get together and play. Oh, and a friend has offered to let us pass out flyers for the yard sale in her emergency preparedness store in Mesa. Do you have plans to do flyers or need help doing them?