Monday, November 17, 2008

One Last Thing

Thank you all for letting us be a part of the Kisses for Callie efforts! We will be happily handing this blog over to Callie's sister Ashley who will continue to do a wonderful job with Callie's fundraising efforts. We have one more thing to post before we say goodbye. We have a TON of visual aids, i.e. bulletin board / wall decorations for various educational themes that is fitting for 3rd - 5th grades. They are in excellent condition! They were graciously donated to the Kisses For Callie yard sale, but there was so much stuff there, and not an empty table to put them on, that I didn't want them to get ruined. I do not have a picture yet, but let me assure you, they're great! They are perfect for a teacher's classroom! Please email for further details if you're interested! $25.00 or best offer takes the whole load!

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