Monday, April 27, 2009

i'm trying to overcome my blogging block...
i don't know if it's post traumatic stress or what...
i just had to tell about my little yoga baby cal...
she loves to do yoga with any of us when we do it...
she is soooooo flexible... it's sooooooo cute
anyway, one of the kids did an hour of yoga the other night
and callie did it with him for at least half of that!!!
she does some of the same poses & some all her own
so cute!

tomorrow will be callie's very first speech evaluation since she came home.
hopefully she will be getting speech therapy very soon.

also, yesterday at chuch, callie RAN down the aisle at church.
more & more she is just being a regular 2 year old. yeah!

i hope you are all doing well. i still think of all that everyone has done for us & it moves me to tears (as i am now) i know i haven't given the proper thanks & i want to, but i want all of you to know how much we love & appreciate EVERYTHING! so many AMAZING people!!!

our love, prayers & gratitude are with you ALL!

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