Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Year of Miracles

Today marks One full year from the day of Callie's accident!
We have been sooooo blessed in so many ways & by so many people.
I feel that I have never adequately been able to show our thanks.
We have decided as a family that we would like to have a

Come & go Open House to honor this year with Callie
Sunday September 13, 2009
from Noon to Nine
in our home.

The invitation is to EVERYONE of you & anyone you feel would be interested to come!
We have been so AMAZED by the journey & feel that many have been touched
by the experience with Callie & ALL have been blessed that have been touched by it.
Please come & join us in our Joy for the year we have had with Callie.

If you would like to come & don't know where we live, please leave a comment & how you would like to be contacted & we will get directions to you.

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