Thursday, October 15, 2009


Recently Callie has been forming up to 3-4 word sentences
as regular conversation for her :) which is a BIG thing for her!
Then this morning she zipped up her pajamas after a diaper change!!! Yeah for her!
The BIGGEST news of the day has been over 1 year in coming. At the appt week before last, her Neurologist had not talked about the possibility of regaining the damaged nerve function, which we have previously thought was the 3rd & 7th nerve, and recently learned that she is also lacking 5th nerve function.
She has been to an Institute one time so far (Gifford Health Institute in Gilbert AZ run by Dr. Kevin Gifford), where they do therapy targeted to stimulate nerves that lack proper function. We have been doing some of the therapy here at home. We hope to get her back soon & frequent. She has also been receiving electrical facial stimulation to the left side of her face aimed to stimulate the damaged nerves, and hopefully "Wake up" the left side of her face! She pats her left cheek and says "Wake up Face!", she also says "tickle" when they apply the devises & sometimes clamps her little hand tight to her cheek & will NOT allow them to apply their "tickle tortuous" devices until bribed with a sucker! (the dum dum or tootsie variety :)

So, for the big news.... this morning she coughed, and her left eye squinched down tight every time she coughed and we have been noticing all morning how she is having general MOVEMENT on the left side of her face!!!!
It isn't in balance with the right side yet, but it is a very GREAT beginning!!!! and we are OH SOOOOO HAPPY about it!!!


Mandi said...

That is such great news Dana! I am so happy for you guys and for your sweet little Callie! I have a tender spot for that sweet baby girl. Hurray! We will keep praying for continued improvement. What amazing miracles! I hope you guys are doing wonderful, and it sounds like from this news that you are! Love you!

ashley broomall said...

hip hip hooray for facial movement!!! :)

LORI said...


Tera said...

awesome! Dana and family, thank you for the time and attention you put into keep us all so pleasantly and easily updated as to Callie's current conditions and progress. Love and blessings to you all from all of us at the Freestone home!

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